Confessions of a Foster

At the moment, my mind is full of worry. This worry is caused by my dark secrets that I hold in my mind. If I came out with my secrets, not even my friends would know who I was. I’m a stranger to them.

Only one person knows most about me, and he lives miles away from me. Too far away. This man has accepted me as a sort of virtual younger brother, but sometimes I wish we were brothers Sometimes I just feel like breaking down and sobbing onto his shirt while he would hug me saying it will be okay.

I have so much that I yearn to say but know I can’t because of the end results. I’ve asked a couple of Twitter people if they have any suggestions of what to do, but they all say the same. “It’ll be better after you tell someone” but I think “If you knew the people I know you’d say something completely different”

So, I’ll tell a secret that has been eating away at me for years. I think I’m Bi.

There, I’ve said it. I feel like I want to cry now as I’m not sure how far it would get.

Friends will probably laugh, father will kill me, mum will love me regardless, sister will make fun of me, I don’t care that much anymore.

Thank you Richard for giving me the courage and support that I’ve needed to say this. Love you bro.


About fozztar

I feel like the anti-Christ of teenagers most of the time. Reading, writing, being alone, very anti-teenager :-S
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