Poetry fail

Just a dream

I’m up here, looking at you
I know just what I’m gonna do
I’m coming down, I’m breaking through
Just so I can see you

Time went by and I came down
I’m going to find you in the town
I will not cry and I will not frown
Cause I’ll find you in the town

Across the street, there you are
Separate but not by fare
Your image blurred by a passing car
But I’ve found you, there you are

I wait here, across the street
Knowing that we’ll never meet
One, two, a car cows to greet
Now I know we’ll never meet

A crunch and a tearing scream
The image fizzles, just a dream
I wake with a jolt, covered in sweat
Saddened that we never met


About fozztar

I feel like the anti-Christ of teenagers most of the time. Reading, writing, being alone, very anti-teenager :-S
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